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  • rimi(para 8 viteve)

    flija is the best tradicional food

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  • Alinalde(para 9 viteve)

    I couldnt drsegiae more. I thought the world-building was absolutely first-rate Detroit itself became a vivid character. The author clearly did a lot of research, both on the city and arson investigations. I found the characters interesting real people, with real jobs, who have a real weird hobby. Frankly, I thought it was fantastic, especially for a debut novel.

    2 ratings Avg. 1.00
  • Leka(para 9 viteve)

    How to do make masenica

    0 ratings Avg. 0.00
  • Simona(para 9 viteve)

    Flija was really delicious in Kosovo, im gonna try to make one soon.

    1 Rating Avg. 5.00
  • laura(para 10 viteve)

    probably the best dish that you can get in Kosovo and its 100 authentic.

    5 ratings Avg. 4.00
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