Dip with peppers

Learn how to make a traditional hot dip with peppers...


  • 5-6 peppers
  • 2 L milk
  • Salt


A delicious way to spice up your lunch or dinner is to make an appetizer, and this traditional dip might be just the answer. With a very easy to follow recipe, “lėng me speca” (lit. dip with peppers) is a typical Kosovar appetizer. This spicy dip is served with bread (traditionally, but chips are also an option).

Firstly you need to roast the peppers and then put salt on them. After that you have to put them in a jar (with a capacity of 2-3 L).

Boil the milk and then let it cool down. Mix the milk with 2-3 tablespoons of salt. After the milk has cooled down pour it in the jar. Close the jar and let it ferment for a couple of days (3-4 days). After the milk is fermented the dip is ready to be served.

Usually the lėng is served with llokuma (local variation of donuts), pogaēe (a traditional form of bread), fresh hot bread in a combo with white cheese, tomatoes and other fresh vegetables.

The dip with peppers is supposed to be piquant, depending on the kind of peppers you use.

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