Built in modern style, known as a quality service restaurant; comfortable summer terrace, designed to bring comfort and relaxation.



Price range:

Average prices, from 2 to 4 euro

Accompanying equipment:

Banquet room, 350 people terrace in a green surface of 70 acres and a beautiful terrace, 400 vehicle parking space


Village Xrx, at Gjakova – Rahovec intersection


The motel holds 13 rooms and 2 apartments, all equipped with air conditioning, heating, TV, internet, shower cabin. Rooms cost 30 euro, while apartments cost 40 euro.


The restaurant has a quiet, both modern and classic setting; its chefs have 10 years of experience in Switzerland and Kosovo. It is known for its fish specialties and pizza.

Location: Xerxe Rahovec, in Region: Prizren

Rating8 ratings Avg. 3.38

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  • Scott(para 5 viteve)

    My suggestion would be a multi-religion filacity at that site or anywhere it is legal and up to code. A mosque, a synagogue, a cathedral and a church walk into a bar What better way to engage in peaceful coexistence

    1 Rating Avg. 5


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