Rahovec is a municipality located in Southeastern Kosovo. Rahovec is surrounded by municipalities like Suhareka, Klina, Gjakova and Prizren. Approximately, it has around 275 square kilometers, being a settlement of 76,577 inhabitants, according to year 2002 statistics http://sq.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rahoveci). The biggest river in the area is Drini Bardhë, having many smaller rivers and streams, of the area, pouring into it. (Osmani, Jusuf, Vendbanimet e Kosovës, vol 2, Rahoveci faq 22.)

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Rahovec has been a settlement since the Roman Empire, which is proven by many archaeological remains in the area. Rahovec is especially known for its vineyards, even though many hectares of vineyards have been shattered. Two biggest vineyards of the town have been privatized, and it is expected to regain the high quality wine, that used to be made in Rahovec. The wine festival in Rahovec is held on every second Thursday of September month, each year. People wear traditional costumes, dance and have fun, while trying the wine of their neighbors. Homemade Rakia, is also among the items to be tasted. As a characteristic of the Rahoveci people is their unique dialect.

You may get tied to Rahovec via several different towns. From Prishtina to Rahovec, the bus trip lasts 90 minutes; from Prizren, the regular bus lines last 40 minutes; and from Gjakova the bus trip lasts around 20 minutes.


Sahat Kulla (Clock Tower) is surrounded by almost all abandoned houses. Right above the OSCE premises, is the house where the first Communist Party branch of Rahovec was established. Another worth visiting monument is Halveti Masjid, which is located near a newly renovated mosque of 15th century. This masjid was built by the son of man that built the Halveti Masjid in Prizren. Further downtown is the Melani Masjid.

It is soon expected to start working the Wine and Rakia Tourism Association, where you may taste wines from all over Kosovo. Some of the best places for wine tasting are: Stone Castle 029 76 053 / 029 76 051. Also families, producing wines and Rakia with hundred years of tradition are: Faik Vuciterna 044 204 379, Gazmend Daka 044 400 442, and the EKO vineyard, belonging to Hoxha family, 044 200 823.

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Location: Rahovec, in Region: Prizren

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