Peja is perceived as the capital city of Dukagjini Plane, holding a rich history and beautiful landscapes, very worth exploring.

Peja lies on a territory of 603 square kilometers; the city and its 95 villages hold 170,00 inhabitants.

Elevation of Pe

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Location: Peja, in Region: Peja

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  • bernadeta(para 4 viteve)

    i like to se hotel and restaurants

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  • Rawan(para 5 viteve)

    Wonderful. Thanks.I miss the stories. The ptawosr social landscape seems to be one where every single person has jaw-ping anecdotes. Normalcy is abnormal. I remember them sometimes finding my boring life fascinating, as if its mundaness was different and exciting.Keep bringing the people alive I enjoy them the most.And I note that you continue to get schooled in soccer by children around the world.Sam

    1 Rating Avg. 3
  • Silvana(para 6 viteve)

    hi Marinjo, do you have any suggestion for the hotel to stay and restaurants..I am planning to visit Peja region with my family..

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  • marinjo(para 6 viteve)

    Its soo great place. Peja rules,Patriarchate of Peć is very great place and significant, and you dont have it here /

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Going Out in Peja

  • Al Farno (Foto by: Labinot Gashi)Al FornoOne of the well known restaurants in Peja, Al Forno has a romantic, quiet and classic setting with a stone oven for pizza and bread. Its walls are decorated with various antique... Reviews (0)
  • Incanto (Foto by: Labinot Gashi)IncantoDesigned in a combo of modern and classic motives, Incanto offers an intimate atmosphere. Reviews (0)
  • Tirona (Foto by: Labinot Gashi)TironaExclusive restaurant, known for its tasty meals and fresh fruits. Offers discount for group visitors. Reviews (1)


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