Istog is located in the northern part of Dukagjini Plane, with 56,000 inhabitants and a territory of 453.84 square kilometers. It is a rural settlement, where most of its population on agriculture especially fruits and vegetables. It is also known for the fish farms, like Trout farms. Istog I s a quiet town, near Mokna Mountains, with an elevation up to 2155 meters. It is known for its landscapes, its fertile fields laying beside the riverbed of Istog River. The spring of Istog River is abundant with fresh water.

High touristic potential, especially in rural tourism, when having in mind elements the municipality has in its cultural and natural heritage - such as mountains, water resources etc. Istog and Radusha Mountains are known not only for their natural beauty but also for the different healing herbs, skiing pathways, and paragliding. These potential still need investment in infrastructure.

As another important resource in Istog are the water resources, such as Istog spring, Drini Bardhë spring, Vrella spring and many other fresh water springs. Istog River is highly appropriate for kayaking. Healing thermal waters in Baja are also considered an important asset of the municipality. Istog holds an amount of cultural and historical heritage, also. According to a late research in Podguri area, there were around 72 strongholds identified, several water mills. As for religious heritage 8 mosques, 3 old Islam schools (Mejtep), 3 Orthodox Churches, a stone bridge, Ottoman architecture, and 11 archaeological sites. The archaeological sites, in Istog, along the Bjeshket e Thata (Dry Mountains) Strip, east to west direction. The traditional folkloric garments differ from the rest of Kosovo, and it is also known as the Podguri garment.

Location: Istog, in Region: Peja

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