Vushtrri is one of the oldest cities of Kosovo and it is located in the northern part of Kosovo.

Modern Vushtrri was originally named Vicianum, and later on was known by its Serbian name Vučitrn. It has a surface of 345 km². Vushtrri is also a municipality, comprised by 66 villages connected with each other by a developed infrastructure.

The city of Vushtrri is known from the early middle ages and it is believed that the whole city was built on the banks of the river Bistrica, which today is completely dried out. Archeological remains from the middle ages give the impression that Vushtrri was a very important administrative center in the past.

Official languages are Albanian, Serbian and after 2008 Turkish.

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This city is situated to the north of Prishtina, and to the south of Mitrovica, easily accesible through the national highway Prishtina-Mitrovica.


The Ottoman Bridge/ Vuçitrn Bridge is an important archeological remain for the city of Vushtrri. It can be visited even today and its majesty remains even today. This bridge was built to connect the two sides of the Bistrica river.

Another attractation for visitors is the Castle located in the center of the city. Its simple exterior is impressive in the presence of the new and modern architecture, especially the remaining communist-built buildings which surround it. This Castle is open to visitors every day of the week.

If you continue walking from the Castle to the old party of the city, you will be met with the inescapable tension of the narrow strees, old houses built in the early 20th century and naturally new projects as a result of the destruction in the last war.

Walking around the streets of Vushtrri has a tendency to become difficult, because of the very narrow streets burdened by a chaotic traffic.

Another characteristic of the old part of the city is Ali Beu’s Hamam, another historical remainder of the middle ages, which is a one of the oldest public baths of the ottoman style in Balkans.

Vushtrri is permeated by three rivers: Sitnica river, which is the biggest and Tërstena and Studimja rivers.

Location: Vushtrri, in Region: Mitrovica

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