Brod is situated within the lands of Gora, 12 km south east of Sharri, laying in a valley surrounded by mountains. In 1912 e great number of villagers and people in the area, migrated to Turkey. Brod is a village with traditional Ottoman architecture and stone houses along the river. While visiting, you may see more horses than cars in the village, as well as you may buy the famous local white cheese from the cellars of the families. The cheese from this area is of the highest quality in Kosovo.

Brod used to be the most developed towns in the municipality, by serving as an important trading and handicraft center.

Nowadays Brod is an important touristic sight, especially for its hiking paths, climbing and skiing. On the other side of the mountains is the border with Republic of Macedonia, whereas right across the border is the biggest skiing center in Macedonia.

Location: Brod Dragash, in Region: Prizren

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